Saiga Conversion 7.62 x 39

More than a few people say that not only is the Saiga the best AK bang for the buck with a price of around $350 but also that it is just about one of the most accurate AK’s on the market.

Saiga 7.62 x 39

These are not old parts kits thrown together from random junk. These are brand new AK’s built in the motherland (Russia) at the same IZHMASH Factory that cranked out the original cold war AK47′s.  The only issue is that they do not look like the classic AK47 assault rifle. In order to keep the US Government happy the pistol grip and banana clips have been removed . There is however a relatively easy fix for this. For less than $150 and a couple hours of your time the trigger and pistol grip can be relocated to where they are supposed to be and adding a new stock and forearm will restore the classic AK look.

If you tackle this task be sure to look over the ATF 922r Compliance rules and regulations. When converting the Saiga back to the classic AK look you have to use a minimum number of US made parts or you will be breaking the law and potentially looking at prosecution if the government decided they have a beef with you. Is it likely that a cop will pull you over, disassemble your rifle and count the number of US built parts? Probably not but if the ATF really wanted to lock you up for a longer period of time they could certainly use these ridiculous laws against you. Better safe than sorry, spend the extra $50 and throw a few more American made parts on your rifle if you are going to do this conversion.

I’m ordering my Saiga 7.62 x 39 16” from a local FFL priced at $480  Ouch! you could get one for less than $300 a year ago.  Why are prices so much higher this year? My dealer says it’s all about availability.  I checked 5 of the other big on-line Saiga dealers and no one has them in stock. Either they can’t keep up with demand, the US Government is not allowing many new AK’s into the country or everybody is preparing for Armageddon.

I’d like the rifle to look like an AK 103 when I’m done with the conversion.

I’d really like to go with a quality folding stock but unfortunately the best folders require some custom gunsmithing and the parts alone are $300. To save some cash I’m going with the Plum AKPSW Four piece Plum US Stock AK-47/74 Set from Kvar. $106
Ordered: 4/18/2011 – Arrived 4/26/2011

Other required parts:

  • Screw for pistol grip $4.25
  • Threaded Block ~ (Nut) for pistol grip. $3.35
  • GAS TUBE ~ (BULGARIAN) Type rifles w/o Vent Holes $39.99
  • RETAINER ~ “BULGARIAN” for Lower Handguard. Internal Diameter .673 $19.95
  • BASIC CONVERSION KIT #1-CSS SKU: R-BASIC#1-CSS-3PC. Conversion Kit includes -Modified G2 FCG with Retaining Plate, Bolt on Carolina Billet Trigger Guard and Hole Plugs $89.95
  • Bullet guide $14.45

TOTAL: $757.94

Mods required:

  • more info on the way…

For the price, by the time I’m through I probably should have just purchased a finished gun from Arsenal.INC  or went with a inexpensive AR.


After weeks of waiting my Saiga is finally here. Here she is. I’ve named her Svetlana.

Saiga 7.62 x 39

Saiga 7.62 x 39 Box opened for the first time.


Saiga Sporter Stock

The things we have to do to import military weapons into the USA... Ugly Stock

Saiga AK Foregrip

I'll be removing this ugly foregrip ASAP.

Kvar Plumb AK Furniture showed up today. $106.99  Total = $124.61 with shipping

Kvar Plum AK Furniture Warsaw length

Kvar Plum AK Furniture. Warsaw length for stamped receivers.

Plum AK Furniture from KVAR with US Markings

Plum AK Furniture from KVAR


After searching the web for almost two weeks I located a seller with both great parts and low prices.

  • 1 Front Sight Block W/Bayonet Lug $55.00 Ea
  • 1 Zig-Zag Break’s Chrome Lined $30.00 Ea
  • 1 Gas Block’s W/Lug $25.00 Ea
  • 1 Gas Tube’s $18.00 Ea
  • 1 Hand Guard Retainer’s $15.00 Ea
  • 1 Pistol Grip Screw’s & Nut’s $8.00 Ea
  • 1 FSB Pin set n/c
  • 1 Gas Block Pin set n/c
Bulgarian AK Parts

Bulgarian AK Parts ordered from the forums

Ordered 5/2/2011  – Delivered 5/6/2011

Purchased from MARKW1 from the forums



I’ll shoot video and take photos of the conversion as soon as all the parts arrive.

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