7.62×39 vs 5.45×39

So now that you have decided to buy an AK styled rifle which caliber should you purchase?

Different AK ammo

Different AK ammo 308, 5.56, 5.45x39 and 7.62x39

pros:  Same thing the M16 fires, available almost everywhere,
cons: Won’t shoot through a cinder block.

pros: Because this is what the majority of AK’s use, parts and magazines are extremely easy to locate.
cons: Bullet drop over long distances.

pros: Less expensive than 7.62 x 39, because its a smaler round you can carry more rounds in the field, flat trajectory.

pros: The largest round of the bunch. Often used as a sniper round in other weapons.
cons: Drops significantly over long distances. Weight and size of the round mean you can carry fewer in the field. Hi capacity magazine can be difficult to find.

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