Who makes the Best AK-47 ?

Who makes the best AK-47? I can tell you which ones cost the most and I can also tell you there are very few real AK47′s in the USA. Real AK’s were full auto. Most of what we see in America are “AK-47 style” rifles which are semiautomatic version manufactured abroad or built from parts in the US for the US market.

$1,000 for a Kreb’s Custom Russian-style AK-47 or spend $900 or more for a Bulgarian SLR-107FR  or Legion SGL-20 from the custom shop of Izhmash of Russia

Some say,

  • Real Bulgarian SA-93, SLR-95, SLR-96, Chinese MAK-90, NHM-90, NHM-91 and Hungarian (F.E.G.) SA-85M.
  • Arsenal Inc SA-M7 and the AKUSA offerings are about the best
  • Norinco of China to supply Chinese type 56 AK-47 rifles
  • Best: Krebs KTR
  • Saiga conversion or Bulgarian derived AK
  • Arsenal and Global make good stuff, as does ORF and InRange
  • AK-USA
  • I like the Saigas too mostly because they’re new rifles and have most of the improvements of the AK-10X series. The Yugos are nice too when you can find them.
  • I would say one of three; Polytech (All built to Chinese mil spec, with the exception of the full auto feature), Bulgarian (excellent quality) or the new CZ’s.
  • Polytech “Legend”
  • my opinion is the SLR101, Bulgarian milled AK imported as single stack but professionally restored to military config using US parts. Why? Excellent uniform machining of receiver and all other critically mating components (bolt, barrel, carrier). Side rail scope mount on milled receiver is actually worth using.
  • The VEPRs are all Russian but with US compliance parts. Some people have criticized their QC, but the VEPRs are known for being very accurate.
  • The Arsenal Bulgarians are definitely top of the line. I have several Century Yugos and they are great.
  • In my opinion the yugo m70 underfolders are the best for price.
  • Arsenal (Bulgarian) SLR series.

Which AK’s to stay away from?
Everybody has their own opinions and here are some of them:

  • Poorly-built AK-47′s – like WASR-10′s, GP-75′s, AMD-65′s & parts kit Polish AK’s out there – as they lack the quality of AK-47′s built in foreign arsenals where real military AK-47′s are made to military specifications.
  • No sorry, but a WASR is about the worst buy for your money. Its the worst put together AK currently on the market, and its price is the most overinflated.
  • Stay away from the cheap Romanian AKs that are everywhere these days.
  • the Romanian crap that Century kicks out.
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