AK47Rifles.com is for sale

www.AK47RIFLES.com is for sale

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  • Gun shops
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Admin from AK47rifles.com builds an AR 15

How can I compare AK’s to AR’s if I don’t own at least a few of each.

It took me three months to get to this point but Santa finally showed up with some new toys.

Why three months? It’s a long story but in a nutshell the U.S. Government thought that I was someone else and would not let me buy another gun till they got it sorted out. They told me I had the same name as someone else in another state on the other side of the country who was a criminal…. WTF? There are millions of people in the USA who have the same name as me.

Initially I was just going to buy one AR 15 from a local gun shop but after waiting three months for my name to clear I decided to build one for each month the government made me wait.

AR 15 Build

Santa delivered some AR Parts

I decided on building three separate rifles. A low budget light weight AR, A heavy barreled Zombie killer  and a  18″ SS free float tack driver.

The three AR receivers I ended up purchasing  from left to right are the New Frontier Polymer, Mega Gator and Aero Precision.

Why did I purchase the polymer receiver? I did not expect it to be any good but at this price why not?

Prices: I had to pay $90 to my local FFL to legally transfer these receivers ($30 each)

  • New Frontier Gen II with all the internal (plastic) parts: $71.95
  • Aero Precision Stripped Lower: $89.00
  • Mega Gator Stripped Lower: $123.95

The receivers are the only regulated part on an AR 15 and must be delivered to an FFL, the rest of the parts can be ordered over the internet and shipped to your home address. To keep out of trouble I’ll add that every state has it’s own rules and regulations and not to listen to me for any legal advice. There are certainly regulations on barrel length, silencers, full auto and in some states magazine capacity and even pistol grips. Know your local laws before starting your own AR Build.

More parts should be arriving this week and I’ll keep you posted on my build process. Honestly there’s not any building to be done, it’s primarily assembly. This will be a lot easier than working on my AK which required drilling, tapping, presses, grinding, rivet removal etc… Assembling an AR is more like putting Lego together.

MEGA Gator Painted AR Lower

MEGA Gator Painted AR Lower


Aero Precision Painted AR Lower

Aero Precision Painted AR Lower

Painted AR 15 Lowers
Painted AR 15 Lowers


Mega Lower AR Receiver Painted

Mega Lower AR Receiver Painted

Aero Precision AR Receiver Painted

Aero Precision AR Receiver Painted

100 round drum magazine

100 round drum magazine. Woot!

Be warned that as soon as you start accessorizing your AR it can become both addictive and expensive. Optics alone can easily cost more than this budget build AR. Aimpoint, Eotech & Trijicon ACOG® sights are all rather expensive.


My Saiga conversion is finally under way

After months of my Saiga sitting in the closet I finally got around to starting the conversion.
Note: If you think you’re going to build your own AK to ‘save some money‘ think again. I could have purchased a new Arsenal SGL21 for less money than I’ve got into my conversion. Throw in all the time I’ve put into it and it’s a no-brainer, it’s cheaper to just buy a new one.

Removed the stock Saiga Stock

Removed the stock Saiga Stock


Saiga 7.62 x39 flat trunion

Saiga 7.62 x39 flat trunion


saiga magazine release

Removed the Mag Release for Trimming to Accept AK Mags


Saiga Trigger Gard Removal

Saiga Trigger Gard Removal – Air Grinder


Saiga AK

Starting to look like a real AK

Saiga converted Tapco G2 FCG

Here’s what you’ll need if you want to move your Saiga Sporter trigger back to where Mikhail Kalashnikov originally intended it to be.  This is a Converted Tapco G2 Fire Control Group from Dinzag Arms.

Saiga Tapco G2 Converted

Saiga Tapco G2 Converted Fire Control Group

Use high cap mags in your Saiga 7.62 x 39

You will have to make some modifications to your Saiga Sporter if you want to use regular AK High Capacity Magazines. Here’s what you’ll need…

Saiga flat trunion bullet guide

Saiga flat trunnion bullet guide & installation Kit

Make sure to check whether your Saiga has a flat or round trunnion before placing your order. You will probably have to do a little trimming on your magazine catch release as well. I’ll shoot some photos of it when I get around to installing this.

I bought mine from Dinzag Arms


Saiga AK-47 Conversion – 922r Compliance



If you want your Saiga Sporter to look like an AK-47 you are going to need to do a little parts shopping. AK 47 furniture can be purchased anywhere from the shotgun news for old parts kits to Kvar for new synthetic stocks and fore-grips.

The US Government would appreciate it if you purchase AK parts built in the U.S. In fact they can even toss you in Jail if you don’t use a certain number of U.S. made parts when converting a Saiga Sporter to an AK  look- a-like. Keep yourself from being thrown in jail by using the following link to see how many US made AK parts you need to be compliant.

Saiga 7.62 x 39

Saiga Sporter

Saiga 7.62 x 39

Saiga 7.62 x 39

The Saiga Sporter is made in the same Russian factories as the original AK-47 rifles.


Saiga Sporter to AK 103 Conversion



Here’s a photo of some of the parts I purchased on line to convert my Saiga 7.62 x 39 Sporter into an AK-103 clone.

After scouring the internet for a week I found the best prices for these items on the saiga-12.com forums  from a user named MARKW1.

In the photo we have the following Bulgarian parts:

  • 1 Front Sight Block W/Bayonet Lug 24mm $55.00 Ea
  • 1 Zig-Zag Break’s Chrome Lined 24mm $30.00 Ea
  • 1 Gas Block’s W/Lug $25.00 Ea
  • 1 Gas Tube’s $18.00 Ea
  • 1 Hand Guard Retainer’s $15.00 Ea
  • 1 Pistol Grip Screw’s & Nut’s $8.00 Ea
  • 1 FSB Pin set n/c
  • 1 Gas Block Pin set n/c

Book Review: THE GUN by C.J. Chivers

THE GUN C.J. Chivers

THE GUN by C.J. Chivers

While I applaud C.J. Chivers for his thorough research I have to disagree with many of his personal opinions.   Chivers downplays Mikhail Kalashnikov’s contribution to the design of the AK-47 but throughout the novel seems to be looking for an apology from Kalashnikov for creating a weapon of mass destruction. You can’t have it both ways, either give credit to Kalashnikov for the creation of the weapon or lay off him for being the single human responsible for the carnage that users of the  AK-47 have wrought upon the planet.

My personal opinion is that the AK-47 was a creation of the Soviet State. A competition was held by Stalin to create a new military rifle. Had they not used Kalashnikov’s design, something similar would have been created by some other Soviet designer which probably would have been distributed just as widely as the AK.

The AK-47 borrowed features from the German Strurmgewehr 44 and the M1 Garand as well as a number of other existing and prototype weapons.

I truly believe Mikhail Kalashnikov when he says he designed the weapon to protect the Motherland which I think was a noble effort in a time of war. At the time of the initial design stages of the AK the Soviets were still American Allies. It was not Kalashnikov’s fault that the Soviet System mass produced, stockpiled and distributed the weapon to every communist leaning country in the world.

Unfortunately people were killing people long before guns were invented and will more than likely be killing one another till the end of time. Before guns people used rocks, sticks, knives, arrows, axes, fire and water.  Getting rid of guns will not keep people from killing one another. The amount of killing in the world has not increased statistically since the invention of the assault rifle although the number of bullets an individual can shoot quickly from a single rifle certainly has. As an example of mans brutality long before the advent of assault rifles I give you the Crusades, where between the years 1095 & 1291 AD over 3 million warriors managed to kill one another with swords, knives and arrows at a time when the world population was only 360 million.

Who makes the Best AK Magazines?

If you believe in the intelligence of the masses I found more positive reviews on line for the Bulgarian AK waffle magazines than any other which is why I use them in my AK. I went with the mags made by Arsenel


I first went to K-var looking for them but all they had were colors other than black in stock. I ended up purchasing mine from AK47RIFLE.COM Shipping was quick and the price was the lowest I could find.

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